Company overview

Al Hayal Palace is an Iraqi registered company with offices in Baghdad, Nasiriyah and Bucharest, Romania. We provide advisory and other business services to international companies in Iraq, with a strong focus on the energy sector. Al Hayal Palace is an Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) company in the Oil & Gas industry in Iraq. The company is registered with Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS) and the US Federal Contractor Database (SAM). The company successfully completed several projects in Iraq. One of the major projects completed was a joint venture with an international private security company, providing security, logistics and health & safety services to a major international oil company in the Dhi Qar province in Iraq. This project was successfully implemented, executed and closed out over a period of five years with high customer satisfaction.


Al Hayal Palace provides the following services to meet the needs of customers in the marketplace:

  • Liaison with Iraqi government
  • Consultancy services to international companies
  • Logistic support services
  • Civil works, steel structure and construction
  • Trade of Equipment and spare for Oild and Gas and Supplying Materials


Maytham Shamkhi Jabbar is the founder and chief executive officer of Al Hayal Palace. Maytham Sh Jabbar has political background and has well- knowledge about Political Parties in Iraq .Maytham, a devoted sportsman, was a player in the national Iraqi volleyball team from 1998 to 2011. By playing sports at a high level, he honed skills that he brought over to the world of business, that include leadership, teamwork, resilience in the face of adversity, humility, proper communication, work ethic and strong commitment.

2004 as field assistance with UNHCR (United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees)


2004 until 2011 Working as adviser for Thi-Qar Police Chief


Advisor to Dhi Qar provincial Council Chairman 2013 to 2015


Volleyball player in Iraq national team from 1998 to 2011


Established Al Hayal Palace company in April 2015 as President and CEO

Company Overview

AL Hayal Palace Company has accomplished civil works such as supplying and installing some electrical transformers in Thi – Qar Province. Also AL Hayal Palace Company accomplished paving roads and supplying materials to several government offices. AL Hayal Palace has some joint-ventures with some companies in oil and gas sector as EPC contractor to being worldwide expertise and present best-in-class services and encourage local nationals to improve their skills and be professional to improve their mind skills and income.