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Al Hayal Palace

General Contracting and Oil Services

Baghdad | Istanbul | Dubai | Romania

Baghdad | Istanbul | Dubai | Romania


Fuel Delivery

Logistic support


Oil and Gas

Trade of equipment, spare for oild and gas.


Life Support

Water and food delivery. Materials supply.


Engineering and Construction

Civil works, steel structure and construction.


Visa services



Procurement and supplying civil materials

Comprehensive procurement services.

Company summary

We provide advisory and other business services to international companies, with a strong focus on the energy sector.

Al Hayal Palace was established when the founder realized a
crucial gap in the business market of the middle-east was missing.

By striving to integrate the middle-eastern business in fields of Engineering, Procurement and construction, with international views and service delivery standards.

Over many years, forged relationships of trust, honesty and success, bringing together client needs and expectations with unmatched service.

Providing a diverse multi-national network of business partners across multiple business sector such as Logistical support, life support, Visa and residency services, construction and consultation to name a few

Company values

Al Hayal Palace Company for General Contracting and Oil Services is a fully registered and compliant company registered in Iraq with the Iraqi Ministry of Trade Companies Registration Directorate.


Al-Hayal Palace is dedicated to delivering effective, efficient, respectful services with integrity and accountability using both proven and innovative methods, bridging the gap between the international business world and the middle east.


To make Al-Hayal palace the company of choice when conducting business in all sectors within Europe and the Middle-east as the industry standard.​


We are a responsible, accountable, respectful, effective and efficient company. We promote honesty, integrity and transparency in all we do. We endeavor to foster an environment of collaboration and encourage innovation to meet challenges.

We spread

Around The World

We spread all over the world to gain experience and knowledge and present them to our valued customers.
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Al-Hayal Palace

What makes us different


More valued network relations


Outperformed Service delivery


More cost effective solutions


Perpetual success rate


More valued network relations​


Outperformed Service delivery​


More cost effective solutions​


Perpetual success rate​

Experienced people

Meet the team

The secret of success as a human being in this life is to always remain humble and wish the best for all people with a pure heart.

Maytham Shamkhi Jabbar

What our customers are saying​


Al Hayal Palace Company (AHP) has and continues to be a strategic partner to the Acuily-Sallyport team in support of critical visa processing and support to the BLS/S contract at Martyr Brigadier General Ali Fliah Air Base (MBGAFAB), Iraq. AHP continues to be an invaluable resource to the Acuity-Sallyport team both at the air base and in Restorn, VA. I want to personally thank you for your continued excellent support to the Acuity-Sallyport team.

Thomas Lynch

Since 2020, I have the opportunity to work closely with AHP and their President/CEO, Maytham Shamkhi. Regardless of the service provided, AHP has always performed above the standard. Requirements are met on time and at budget. When situations arise that require immediate action, AHP is always there to assist. Their market knowledge and contacts within Iraq are unmatched. AHP is more than just a subcontractor, they are a true strategic partner.

William A. Bell

AHP has provided outstanding service to the Lockheed Martin F-16 Iraq Program in the performance of visa services. AHP has been extremely responsive to the needs of the program, enabling Lockheed Martin to help us to meet our contractual obligations. AHP has always been there to navigate the myriad of issues related to visa services in Iraq and has performed in an exceptional manner.

James T. Haas

I have not worked with a more professional team, who adopted my personal company interests and advanced my business.

Frank Joulaf

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